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Imagine Room

We are an immersive media company, specialising in augmented, virtual, and mixed reality production and distribution (AR/VR/MR).

We bring technology, creativity, innovation and audience to brands and businesses.

Endlessly fascinated by ideas that buzz with excitement, scale and potential, we are passionate about bringing them to life in a measurable way.

With offices in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong, we are small enough to be decisive and nimble; but with the smarts to think big for our clients!


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“We are at a tipping point, where stories can be truly immersive. Where narratives can be active experiences. Where the viewer is an engaged participant; a player, a decision-maker, an influencer. It’s a fascinating time for story-tellers….” PAUL WILLEY, COO, Imagine Room

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Our team executes ideas from a foundation of broad experience: we are film-makers, technologists, designers, developers, tech-geeks and people of commerce; whom all come together to realise a creative vision for our clients.

Let us innovate, create and deliver for you. Emerging technologies, ideas realised; outcomes delivered.

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