Imagine Room announces partnership with LIGHT, a leading arts and Virtual Production space in Adelaide, Australia.

2nd June 2021: Immersive media company Imagine Room has announced the signing of a partnership agreement with leading arts and virtual production space Light, to create a suite of volumetrically captured human performances for their LED-screen volumes. The partnership will set a new benchmark for virtual production environments in South Australia.

Imagine Room has launched its South Australian base at Light’s multi-million-dollar entertainment and virtual production space in Light Square, Adelaide.

The partnership allows Imagine Room to work closely with Light’s technical team to deliver live-streamed 3D, volumetric human performance to large LED screens and projections. The teams will work collaboratively with local artists, producers and partners to create human assets for a variety of immersive projects. The relationship is another example of the power of collaboration to showcase technologies that are innovative and setting a new benchmark for virtual production around the globe.

Marina Earp, Managing Director at Imagine Room said: “Light has been incredibly collaborative and supportive. We see this partnership as a massive opportunity to get holograms into the hands of as many story-tellers, musicians, artists and gamers as possible, from Adelaide and across Australia.”

Nick Dunstone, Co-founder, Light added: “We are excited to work with Imagine Room who are leading technologists and creative producers. They share our vision and passion for a future of entertainment which is interactive and immersive and uses technology to enhance the collective human experience. We know this partnership will yield great commercial and creative outcomes.”

The partnership will showcase South Australia on the global stage with several cutting-edge projects already underway and expected to be unveiled in the coming months.


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Anna Illana EA, Production. Imagine Room Group


About Imagine Room:

Imagine Room is a leading immersive media production company. Formed in 2018, the company specialises in volumetric and holographic capture and 3D asset production; delivered to game, virtual, augmented and mixed reality environments.


Light is a not-for profit organisation and registered charity designed to be a beacon for creativity while maintaining a focus of the well-being of its people.
It is a space where creativity, technology and hospitality blend to create breathtaking, innovative experiences.

Setting a bold new direction for the arts and hospitality in South Australia, Light also features a world class restaurant Aurora, café Little Mission and new bar, Beags.

Partnership with other leading entities such as Imagine Room and the ABC are part of Light’s vision to be a global leader and disruptor in the technology sector.