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Imagine Room announces partnership with Scatter, New York, becoming Australia’s first pilot partner to their Volumetric Capture and Livestreaming solution, DepthKit

Signs pilot agreement and builds multi-camera Depthkit, Volumetric Capture and Livestreaming Studio, in South Australia.

Sydney – Friday 28th May 2021: Immersive media company Imagine Room has signed a pilot agreement with Scatter and has opened Australia’s first Depthkit Studio volumetric capture facility in Adelaide.

Their state-of-the-art studio is equipped with Depthkit Studio volumetric capture and livestreaming technology.

The studio produces holographic and 3D human performance assets for immersive and interactive experiences; delivered to virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), gaming, virtual production, projection and 3D broadcasting platforms.

By partnering with global volumetric thought-leaders and storytellers such as Scatter – the Emmy Award-winning creators of Depthkit – Imagine Room are set to capitalise on the massive growth potential in ‘immersive world environments,’ powered by 5G networks, delivered to connected wearables and mobile devices.

James George, CEO and Co-Founder, Scatter, said: “Imagine Room is the first Depthkit Studio partner in Australia. This team has the vision and expertise to break new ground in the new volumetric filmmaking landscape.”

Paul Willey, Co-founder, Imagine Room, said “Scatter’s desire to democratise and scale the creation of volumetric content is really refreshing. Our Studio has been designed to be very accessible for any Producer looking to work with this exciting medium. The creative potential of VolCap, especially when integrated into virtual worlds and decentralised eco-systems, is phenomenally exciting.”


For more information:
Anna Illana EA, Production. Imagine Room Group

About Imagine Room:

Imagine Room are a leading immersive media production company. Formed in 2018, the company specialise in volumetric and holographic capture and 3D asset production; delivered to game, virtual, augmented and mixed reality environments.

About Scatter:

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Scatter is the Emmy-award winning technology studio that coined the term “volumetric filmmaking”. The company enables a global ecosystem of creators to participate in the new spatial media landscape by building no-code tools for content creation. Scatter’s first product, Depthkit, is software for volumetric video.